Edward and Gordon/
Edward Helps Out

Original UK title card

No. of season: 1
No. of epsiode: 2
No. of series: 2
Director: David Mitton
Producer: David Mitton
Robert D. Cardona
Writer: Reverend W. Awdry (original)
Britt Allcroft
David Mitton (adapted)
Narrator: Ringo Starr (UK/US)
George Carlin (US)
Original air date: 9 October 1984 (UK)
7 April 1987 (AUS)
29 January 1989 (US)
10 April 1990 (JAP)
Previous: Thomas and Gordon/
Thomas Gets Tricked
Next: The Sad Story of Henry/
Come Out, Henry!
Edward and Gordon retitled Edward Helps Out in American releases, is the second episode of the first season of the series. It first aired on Shining Time Station in the episode A Place Unlike Any Other in 1989. In this episode, Edward was let out of the shed and helps Gordon up a hill.


Edward is an old, blue engine and was feeling sad as he hadn't been out in a long time. The other engines that lived in Tidmouth Sheds with Edward told him that the driver wouldn't choose him, making Edward even more depressed. One morning, the driver and fireman saw that he was upset and chose him over the other engines. Edward had a wonderful day pulling coaches, who were very impressed with Edward, as was his crew. He went back to the sheds that evening and fell fast asleep.

Next morning, Gordon was bragging to Edward. He told the old engine to watch him rush by with the express that afternoon. Edward ignored him and went to shunt trucks in the yard. Edward loved shunting; he would biff the trucks and they would scream in horror.

Edward worked very hard all day. That afternoon, he went for a rest in the sidings. Presently, he heard Gordon's whistle. But instead of coaches, the express engine was pulling a line of dirty trucks. Gordon moaned as he slowly pulled his goods train. He soon began to climb a hill and stopped halfway up. Edward was soon called to be Gordon's banker. The big blue engine didn't think that little old Edward could do it, but he pushed all the same. Up the hill went the train all the while Gordon kept saying, "I can't do it, I can't do it". But to Gordon's surprise, they did make it to the top. Gordon thundered away, cheering for himself, leaving Edward in the dust. Edward slowly ran into a siding at the next station, where his driver and fireman promised to give him a new coat of paint.



Fun FactsEdit


  • This episode is based on the stories Edward's Day Out and Edward and Gordon from the Railway Series book, The Three Railway Engines.
  • There are three coaches in the goods shed behind Edward which appear to be unmodified versions of the Old Coaches, painted in LNER Teak livery. They can be seen more clearly in a rare picture.
  • On the Shining Time Station episode, "A Place Unlike Any Other", the line "Edward's driver came up" sounds the same as it does in the UK but is retaken on home video.
  • There are some differences in the US and UK narrations. Some differences are:
    • In the UK narration, Gordon was said to be pulling "a lot of very dirty trucks" and grumbles, "A goods train! A goods train! A goods train!" In the US narrations, he was pulling "a very dirty freight train," and grumbles, "A freight train!" in the same manner.
    • In the UK narration, after Gordon makes it over the hill, it was said that Gordon "forgot all about Edward and didn't wait to say 'thank you'." In the US narrations, Gordon "forgot all about kind Edward and didn't say 'thank you'."
    • In the US narrations, after it was said that Edward was out of breath and far behind, the line "...but he was happy because he had been so helpful" was added.
  • George Carlin's narration of this episode was never featured on an episode of Shining Time Station. It first appeared on the 1995 George Carlin version of Thomas Gets Tricked and Other Stories.
  • Some parts of this episode were recreated in CGI for The Adventure Begins.
  • When Gordon races through Maron, the footage is sped up.


  • Henry and James aren't introduced until The Sad Story of Henry and Thomas and the Breakdown Train respectively, so the audience don't know who they were.
  • At the start of the episode, the narrator mentions that Edward is the smallest engine and the rest of the engines are bigger than him. This isn't true as Thomas is actually the smallest engine and Edward and James are exactly the same size. This error was caused by the order of the Railway Series stories being changed for the television series – Thomas wasn't meant to be introduced until after "Edward and Gordon", and James wasn't introduced until Thomas and the Breakdown Train, so their presence causes a continuity error.
  • When Edward leaves the turntable, one side jerks up a little.
  • In the scene that immediately follows Edward leaving the sheds, Edward's eyes are wonky.
  • When Edward says "I'm going out again tomorrow", steam is venting from an empty siding in the background.
  • In the siding where steam was venting, the rails end at the bottom of the screen.
  • When Edward puffs out of the shed to shunt trucks, the shadow of the camera can be seen.
  • Edward's cab roof was raised when he was shunting trucks.
  • Studio equipment was seen in the top left corner when Edward's driver talks to Gordon.
  • When Edward buffers up behind Gordon, the sound comes earlier than it should.
  • When Gordon says "I've done it!" the ground sinks slightly, same with Edward.
  • In the US narrations, as Edward approaches the station, the narrator says that Edward was happy because he was so helpful, but he looks very sad.
  • When Edward approaches the water tower, he was wearing James' sad face. Due to this, his nose also changes shape.
  • When the narrator says, "Gordon was very cross", there are bushes beside Gordon instead of the yard and the sheds.
  • In the restored version, as Gordon says "The shame of it!", his trucks disappear.
  • When Edward shunts the trucks, a truck on the next line was missing an eye.
  • In a close-up of Gordon at Tidmouth Sheds, Henry isn't next to Thomas.
  • When Edward was pulling the branch line coaches, their brown side was briefly seen.
  • When Edward says, "Oh, yes please" and in the close-up of his funnel, Tidmouth Sheds was missing.
  • In the beginning, a camera can be seen in the top-right corner.
  • It's unlikely that five trucks would be strong enough to hold back Gordon.
  • In the first scene, James' eyes are wonky.
  • When Edward is pulling the branchline coaches, their unpainted brown side is briefly seen.
  • In the third night scene, Henry is in his new shape.
  • Edward's eyes are a bit wonky in the final scene of the episode.
  • In the original version, white blotches appear during the close-up of Edward' driver and fireman. In the restored version, just one blotch appear above them.
  • In the restored version, when Edward's firebox is lit, the fires are much smaller.
  • The footage of the trucks bumping into each other is shown twice.
  • In a picture of Gordon passing Edward the edge of the set can be seen.


In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Edward al Rescate / Edward y Gordon Edward to the Rescue / Edward and Gordon
German Hilfe vom kleinem Edward Help from the little Edward
Japanese エドワードのおてがら Edward's Exploit
Brazilian Portuguese A Ajuda de Edward The Help of Edward
Norwegian Edward og Gordon Edward and Gordon
Italian Edward e Gordon Edward and Gordon
Croatian Edo i Gordon Edward and Gordon
Welsh Edward a Gordon Edward and Gordon
Finnish Edward ja Jori Edward and Gordon
Polish Edek i Gabryś Edward and Gordon
Slovenian Edvard in Gorazd Edward and Gordon
Chinese 艾德华和高登 Edward and Gordon
Korean 에드워드와 고든 Edward and Gordon
Russian Эдвард и Гордон Edward and Gordon
Hungarian Edward és Gordon Edward and Gordon
Dutch Edward en Gordon Edward and Gordon
Danish Edward og Gordon Edward and Gordon
Hebrew אדי וגורדון Eddie and Gordon
Swedish Edward och Gordon Edward and Gordon
French Edouard et Gordon Edward and Gordon
Romanian Edward şi Gordon Edward and Gordon
Slovak Eduard a Gordon Edward and Gordon
Czech Edward a Gordon Edward and Gordon
Serbian Edvard i Gordon Edward and Gordon
Thai เอ็ดเวิร์ดมาช่วยแล้ว Edward Came to the Rescue

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